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If you have stuff you think should be on this page, just email to me (Bamse) the text and/or photo or whatever, and I will put it in. As the responsible editor of this page I disclaim any and all responsibilities etc etc bla bla bla, and so on.
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I picked up these two images from DOGGS.CO.UK website. If the below photo was taken during one of their competitions, I say "What are we waiting for?". Woof Woof!
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The casualty of the summer of 2012 was Bjørn who lost his balance when transferring from a friend’s boat to the key. The fall resulted in a broken leg and months on crouches.
Was he under influence? Probably! We missed him in St. Andrews.

But he did achieve something earlier this year! The editor has recently picked up the fact that during Season Opener 2012 in March, Bjørn managed to put the ball straight into that hole, aka “Hole in One”! He was playing with Steinar who, believe it not, also hit the green with his tee shot. To be on the safe side, Bjørn also put Steinar’s ball into the hole for a birdie. After completion of the round Bjørn consulted the head pro who confirmed that the fact that Bjørn also had holed the wrong ball did not matter since he had already holed out his own ball. Did they play from red? What was Steinar’s score on hole #12? Hmm………..Anyways, Congrats to Bjørn, the first hole-in-oner in the history of DOGGS, I have been told.

The casualty of the autumn 2012 was more serious. We nearly lost our dear member Jean Philippe in a terrible car accident in France. We do not need to go into details, but he broke bones all over his body and was in a coma for a week. Most fortunately his wife suffered only minor bruises. After Jean Philippe’s appearance in St. Andrews we all had hoped to see him back on the golf courses soon. Alas, this may take some time. We wish him the quickest possible recovery!

The 2012 Christmas dinner is set for 12th December in Oslo and will also this year take place in
Norske Selskab, arranged by Bamse and Jan Randulf, distinguished members of Norske Selskab, the 4th oldest Gentlemen’s Club in the world. The venue starts at 19.00 hours and if nobody suggests pre-dinner drinks in an appropriate bar in the neighbourhood we will meet at the Club. Just press the bell and mention Valeur or Bull and they may let you in. Dress code: Smart, with tie. The number of DOGGS participants has been reduced slightly. The latest NO comes from Søren who unfortunately has no control over his customers. That leaves the following: George, Harald, Bjørn, Steinar, Ola, Jan Randulf and Bamse.

13thDec 2012: The DOGGS Christmas dinner turned out to be another success in the history of DOGGS. We, that is George, Harald, Bjørn, Steinar, Ola, Jan Randulf and Bamse, met at Daglistuen at Hotel Continental at around 6 pm, which gave us just ample time to throw down a sufficient amount of alcohol to make the walk over to Norske Selskab safe in the minus 10 degr C environment that evening. The Club was packed with happy people and we had a nice table in the inner corner which gave us full control of the dining room. Some of us had Gravlaks as starter and for main course Ptarmigan seemed to very popular. Harald had Rakørret (rotten trout). Cloudberries with whipped cream for desert was a winner. White and red wine was plentiful. During coffee avec the management had recognized the correctness of gathering the celebrities in the same room. Liv Ullmann was seated at the table next to us enabling her to have eye contact with “our” celebrity from “The Heroes of Telemark”, the famous Harald Lindstøl. We took off around midnight. Five of us made it to Bamse’s home where we had more drinks + hot dogs and beer. To be absolutely sure that we had not missed anything of the latest gossip, we met again the next day for lunch at Theatercafeen where they had given us a nice round table. Most of us were careful with alcohol but we had a nice time with great open sandwiches and cakes. Christmas is a wonderful time! P.S. After long discussions we finally established that we had long time ago agreed that Season Opener would start with the first game on Wednesday 13th March. Return on Sunday the 17th. Scandinavian Masters will start with the first match Thursday 30th May followed by matches on Friday and Saturday. Program will be announced later. You'll find a few photos from the events on the left side.

20th Jan 2013:
Scandinavian Masters: The dates and courses have been set and you'll find the details under Messages and also in the calendar on 30th May.

5th Feb:
Let me give you a couple of quotations:

"If you drink, don't drive, don't even put!" ~ Dean Martin.

"It's good sportsmanship not to pick up lost balls while they are still rolling." ~ Mark Twain.

I picked these quotes up from the web site of a British Golf group who call themselves DOGGS at
Donnington Valley Golf Club. Yes I said DOGGS with two Gs. Read all about them at Maybe we should challenge them one day? They are only 45 minutes away from Heathrow.

12th Feb:
I had a long conversation with Jean Philippe this evening. He sounded great and had a very optimistic tone to his voice although the healing of all his bones is taking a long time. Another operation is ahead of him; the hip is going to be replaced. He is still in a wheel chair and is getting physio therapy every day (female therapist of some class). He sends his best regards to all of you DOGGS and wish us a very successful Ingridbu Invitational Seminar.

13th Feb:
Inge Steensland AS gathered some 65 persons from the gas shipping industry at Oslo Militære Samfund to celebrate Søren'n retirement from the business. We were served delicious food and great wines and as Botolf said to the waitress, "let the wine flow, no limit", the evening turned out to be great with many speeches and jokes. The party marked a worthy departure of a gentleman who's reputation will be remembered for a very long time!