(Incorporating Risor Invitational 1st-3rd June)
SAS pilots had threatened industrial action,which would have put an end to the historic trip to Risor,but a timely intervention by King Harald of Norway and that country''s  only other Palladium Card holder saved the day.....And so Beacon Hill's Senior Champion (2015) was able to fly over the pond and meet our Chairman, who took the RedEye special from Schiphol, at Gardermon,even before the linerlie were awake.
For the record Harald became his club's Senior Champion the weekend before with 2 rounds of 83 and 89 giving him a 10 shot victory which included a hole-in-one at the 165 yard 18th.This,his 3rd ace, was achieved with a solid 5 iron.Luckily ,for him the traditional "drinks all round",didn't cost him too much.Most of the competitors had returned to their Care Homes or were busy trying to remember where they had parked their cars ,and Harald's marker was packing away his Zimmer frame after he had continued searching for Harald's ball,not realising it was in the hole......Happy days.
And so to more important matters.
After visiting the Lindstoel farm,bookshop and island,we had time for a very interesting tour of this beautiful harbour village.The weather was excellent as we gazed down on the crowded marina,from the rock above town .Unfortunately local celebrity Norrie Mann was not around to join us and our Chairman was rather disappointed that the Mayor and town brass band were not out to welcome us.SKANDALE...I am sure this would never happen in Mandal....
Anyhow after a delicious dinner with members of the Lindstoel clan,it was off to bed.
Monday 1st June.So far this year DOGGS have played 17 matches,all of which have been held in the US,so it was something special that Risor(read Arendal) should host the next event of the season.The 2 early birds were met by Steinar at Arendal and Omega GC on a bright morning and a 50 mph gale.The interesting and attractive layout,was well protected by hazards and the wind which made ball flight difficult.
Just as we were about to start the hike over the back 9,Harald noticed an old school friend from the village,playing alone ,behind us.He had caught up with us after Steinar had spent a few minutes interlude with and old Statoil colleague George's rhythm was further disturbed as they passed pleasantries for a few minutes.However Steinar and George doubted that Harald referred to the fact that on a recent visit he had taken advantage of Knud's wife....apparently for " old times sake "
The course includes some absolute corking holes and a very handsome plethora of par 3's.Scoring was difficult ,although 2 birdies were recorded ,as the NJ member was hoping for a repeat performance from Mrs Knudsen later in the day.
GFD   25
HL      24
ST      19
Another great dinner with the Lindstoel family in the town's only restaurant set us up for a few drams at the Peterhead Bar.
As the clouds emptied their contents on Day 2 we had an early start to Sandefjord to catch the Color Line Ferry to Sweden.After we fought our way past the old ladies who were emptying the duty free store we were on Swedish soil....very wet Swedish soil.As we got closer to Strømstad Golf Club it was apparent no play would be possible. After visiting the camp site where Steinar woke up all residents in the middle of the night with strange noises all those years ago we proceeded .A leisurely afternoon discussing LNG and Morits 'rise and fall "set us up for a nice dinner at Tanums Gjestehus that night.Just as we were having our glasses filled by the attractive young Swedish waitress for the 2nd time,the news came through that Sepp Blatter had resigned from the presidency of FIFA.
Old favourite Mjølkerøds,was in even better condition as we teed off on a bright day with Bjørn now joining the group..However the tricky layout did not  make scoring easy on the course which meanders it's way through prehistoric rocks.
GFD   29
HL      23
BKM  21
ST      19.
Although Harald had made an early start,in Florida, to his Golfer of the Year repeat ambitions,George was slowly edging up the rankings.
A few hours later on June 3rd and we were all assembled at the Scandinavian Masters HQ at Forsbacka and well into the first of 4 fantastic dinners....and thanks to Mr Valuer for taking care of this.
After some changes to the programme had been made to accommodate the wishes of the locals  who wished to celebrate their National Day on the golf course,we could commence our 1st round at Forsbacka.
The medieval hut adjacent to the 1st tee which had survived previous DOGGS visits had had a fresh coat of paint( Kari????)as defending Champion,Linsdstoel got the show on the road.His Titliest 33 zoomed away narrowly missing the edge of the protected building...The greens were in a poor state ,by Forsbacka's normal standards but the rest more than made up for this minor item.
With the added temptation of the Bacchus Trophy,which had been hidden away,like the GACC trophy,for many years,members were keen to impress early.Harald raced to the turn with 20 points,which included a birdie at 5,which was just about as  impressive as Søren's 5 at the previous hole....which bagged him 5 pts.His tee shot at the par 3 took it's customary flight to the left before moving at 90 degs to the right and running over the green,narrowly shaving the hole (like a gynacologist's assistant) and leaving him with a simple uphill 4 footer.Unfortunately his back 9 was not so memorable.But it was,as it turned out good enough to secure the Bacchus award and the early lead..
Ola(27) Søren(27) and Bjørn (28) were close enough as was George(28) to apply some pressure the next day.
Billerud which had twice previously hosted a DOGGS gathering,was in fine nick for Day 2.Jan Randulf,who had had to retire injured the opening day was on hand to offer moral support around the very attractive course.Ola,finding more fairways than normal,with a much more relaxed swing was sneakily moving up the leaderboard while the overnight leader faltered.Soren who had wisely chosen to play from the front tees was very much in the race with 54 points. Bamse blamed lack of practice for his dismal start and Steinar wasn't sure if playing from the reds(or was it blue...who cares) tees really gave him any advantage.
Bjørn was again showing the benefits of his winter driving range sessions by hitting monster drives down the middle of most fairways.But bad putting was wrecking his chances.
And so the scene was set for the Final round with Soren,Ola and George all on 54 pts and Harald one behind making up the leaderball.However this round was not played without a bit of anxiousness.We had planned to play at Årjäng but very heavy overnight rain which was continuing,made the course unplayable.Our efforts to get back to a drier Forsbacka were hindered by Jan Randulf,who preferred to stay put when he saw the 2 Thai waitresses in the clubhouse.A protesting ,injured Bull claimed that the ladies could help his bad back.However after we got back to base camp,he had made a full recovery and to everyones pleasure was able to participate.
The first flight raced up the hill of the 2nd hole on a dull,but dry, Saturday afternoon as Sweden celebrated National Day,while the leaders waited till JR cleared the path after his buggy broke down.Ola who was for once playing his second shots from the fairways was scoring well but George had a 2 point cushion at the turn. Soren and Harald  were far from out of it and with Markussen lingering in the distance,all had to be on high alert.Ola had back to back pars at 14 and 15 to take the lead.Harald was struggling around ,and on the greens,while Bamse and Steinar were battling for the final spot(since JR's withdrawal in the first 2 rounds) and this was proving to be an equally fierce contest.
George parred the 16th but still needed a "lucky"monstrous putt from off the final green to secure his 10th Scandinavian Masters title since it's inception in 1996.
The heavy winds which had now reached 70 mph had more success blowing our large bere glasses of the table,than it did with our balls.JR left early to prepare for a trip to Orkney and Shetland Isles to see where his and all other Norwegian DOGGS members' ancestors got their final kick up the arse many centuries ago.
Our Chairmans efforts put a stop to a possible Scandinavian whitewash of the weekends golf events.
Alex Noren (Swe) won the Nordea Masters at nearby PGA Sweden(a DOGGS location)
David Lingmerth(Swe) pipped Justin Rose at the Memorial(Jack's event)
Suzanne Petersen (Nor) won the Manulife in Canada
The Links Trust at St Andrews after consultation with us,announced on the Saturday night, that they have now closed the Old Course in preparation for the StAGC Autumn prizes and our Club Championship ,although they are allowing a Society outing 16-19 th July to use the premises.Hopefully the participants will remember to replace divots and repair pitch marks.
Our thanks went to Bamse,who had meticulously organised this event, as we deparetd on Sunday 7th June,however the  forecasted weather at Miklagaard forced us to cut short the proceedings.
And so as Harald was being ushered home by SAS and George had secured a spot on an earlier flight,HM Queen Elizabeth announced that Peter Dawson,the retiring Secretary of the R and A would be obtaining St Andrews 2nd sporting OBE in her birthday honours list.Andy Aiken was the 1st to congratulate him and welcome him to the club...and to buy him a drink.....
Enjoy the summer....and see you all soon

MINUTES from DOGGS meeting in Forsbacka 4/6/15

Present: GFD, HL, SCS, OS, BVV, BKM, JRB, ST

Autumn Prizes St. Andrews 25th July 2015
Harald, George and Ola will play, and possibly Ola´s son Erik.

Club Championship St. Andrews 3rd, 4th and 5th September 2015
George has confirmed that tee-times on Thursday 3rd September has been brought back to accommodate Ola arriving from England that morning.
Other details as per minutes from Ingridbu 14th February 2015

2016 – our Anniversary year !

Season opener in Florida
Will be played early March, probably (or definitely?) 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th March, ie a 4 round event

25th Anniversary Matches – May 2016
Harald invites us to New Jersey where we will be playing Beacon Hill and other courses in the area.
He will revert in due course with details including hotel suggestions etc.
In the meeting it was agreed that the competition should be a 3 day event, ie 19th, 20th and 21st of May and that additional rounds could be arranged before and after the competition for those interested.
The day after, HL did however suggest to make it a four day competition, ie day 1 and 4 at Beacon Hill and day 2 and 3 close to Atlantic city.
Could HL please revert on this in due course?

Harald will need the shirt/jacket size from all of, maybe we should wait till after  Christmas celebrations in case we go up a size or two…? 

Full mountie in New Jersey!

Scandinavian Masters 2016
Will be played later than usual due to the Anniversary matches, dates around 10th to 15th June were discussed.  Present intention is four days, being Oslo, then Oustoen followed by two days in the Tjoeme, Borre, Larvik area.  
Likely accomodation at the estates of Messrs. Bull and Valeur.

Adjourned at 6.40 pm