Minutes from Annual DOGGS meeting St. Andrews

Presented by Mr. Sommerfelt.

The meeting was opened by the Chairman  at 20.55 Scottish time 9
th September 2012

Present:               Mr. Doughtie
                                Mr. Thomassen
                                Mr. Solheim
                                Mr. Guzowski
                                Mr. Valeur
                                Mr. Lindstoel
                                Mr. Bull
                                Mr. Sommerfelt

Apologies from Mr. Markussen, Mr. Loeffler and Mr. Bellmer

The Chairman took us through the season and encouraged the members to have more DOGGS meetings apart from the Championships. The record shows that apart from Messrs. Valeur and Bull’s match at Tjømø in July, no meetings took place apart from those played in Scotland earlier in the season.

Future occasions
Rotterdam Open – GFD would try set something up in October/November and will revert on suggested dates, as the sponsor (what sponsor?) remains extremely inactive.

Oslo Christmas Dinner – BVV will book a table at Norske Selskab for 12
th December at 7 pm, and this year it will probably be a la carte enabling the grown-ups to get lutefisk whilst others may opt for simpler fare.  He will also try get a table at Theatercafeen for lunch the following day.  Failing this ST will use his Pandium card or his secretary’s good name in the restaurant world of Oslo.

Musdalseter – this event will take place 14
th to 17th February, and the host encouraged the members to let him know as soon as possible  who intends to come.  Despite suggestions to the contrary, the host also insisted to cover pecuniary damages, but is happy to accept alcoholic beverages brought to the premises.

Season Opener
After a quick discussion it was decided that this will take place in Naples, Fla. from Wednesday 13
th to departure Sunday 17th March, so the players will have to arrive Tuesday 12th.
John McGrainer was consulted and accepted to open his house for 3 guests (did he have a choice?) . Mr. Lindstoel’s flat can also accommodate 3, leaving the rest to stay in a motel nearby – estimated cost about USD125/night.
The closest airport is Fort Myers to where there is a flight with Air Berlin from Duesseldorf.  Miami is also an option, but tends to be slow in the immigration (Mr. Solheim will need about one hour by car, the rest of us probably twice this)
HL needs to know who will participate by the end of January.

Scandinavian Master’s – late May/early June
After last years coup d’etat it was established that this will be discussed between the Oslo members who will come up with a program with suggested dates.
Mr. Valeur is keen to show his country Club at Oustoen to all the members, with a round followed  by dinner and stay-over on the island,  either as the opening or closing round of Scandinavian Master.
The members living in USA had some reservations due to  the likely difficulty to catch  morning  flights from Oslo after being ferried to the mainland at 0900. This will be taken into consideration.
Other likely venues in 2013 are in Vestfold  around Tjomoe.

Club Championship
Will be played in and around St. Andrews over three days, ie Thursday 5
th, Friday 6th and Saturday 7th September, provided Mr Doughtie can arrange bookings that week.  Bookings ought to be done early January, so  the members are requested to register with GFD within such time.


Mr,. Guzowski will start thinking about a meeting in St. Malo and will revert on this subject in October/November

After some exchange of views it was decided that the rules for the Herman Bouwmeester Trophy is changed to be the best aggregate Stableford score from the last day of the Scandinavian Master and the 1
st day of the Club Championship.
Some members even wanted to change it to stroke play, and Mr. Solheim suggested this could be done on basis that the maximum number of strokes per hole is par multiplied by 2 plus 1, thus enabling us to finish play before dark. The rather inexperienced and slightly intoxicated writer of the minutes must admit it is not clear (to him) if this motion was carried, and he suggests it should be made a matter for further long discussions at Musdalseter.   

The Chairman encouraged Mr. Valeur to update the DOGGS WEB site, stating it was excellent, but slightly out of date.

A nice evening was rounded of with presentation of trophies.

The Herman Bouwmeester Trophy was won by Mr. Lindstoel.

He also won the Club Championship whilst Mr. Thomassen won the Bob Charles Award – which is the best score on the nine most difficult holes on both days of the event. - for those who did not pay attention!

Thanks to the Chairman and the rest for a very nice time.