Minutes of DOGGS General Meeting
St. Andrews 19.09.07

Presented by Mr. Markussen

Present: Mr. Doughtie
Mr. Bull
Mr. Lindstoel
Mr. Thomassen
Mr. Solheim
Mr. Sommerfelt
Mr. Markussen

Apologies: Mr Loeffler, Mr. Guzowski and Mr. Valeur

Opening of meeting by the Chairman 21:35 Hrs
Minutes of last meeting – approved with comment from Mr Sommerfelt that the wedding of his son is in the summer of 2010.

  • Review of matches played

More matches have been played in Oslo than during previous years. Bamse has been the most active.
George and Harald played in St. Andrews monthly medal no 9. Their money prices were donated to the St. Andrews Golf Club Youth Section in order to maintain their amateur status.

  • Herman Bowmeister.

The second round was played at Crail Old Course and won by Harald

  • Club Championship

The Club Championship was played Saturday and Sunday and George was again the winner.

  • Golf de Bordeaux

This extraordinary even will be played 16. – 18. October near Bordeaux. DOGGS and Bitches will stay at Chateau Caronne St. Gemme and play nearby famous golf courses.

  • Musdalseter.

Musdalseter is schedule for 4. -7. March 2010

  • Season Opener.

Conclusion in St. Andrews was to start 11. March 2010 - on East Coast USA or California. HL to investigate further and advise. Since our meeting the following has been put in place as per mail from the Chairman:
Although we still have to finalise the definite programme for the Season Opener the dates are now carved in stone.Arrival Saturday 20th March or latest Sunday 21st March.The event will commence on Monday 22nd am and complete Thursday 25th March.Earliest departure Friday 26th March.Full details to be supplied by HL later.
I understand some of us are already planning to arrive in Charleston on the Friday 19th or Saturday 20th and will stay in the Charleston area during the weekend before meeting up at Charleston Airport(with the others) or at Kiawah later on the Sunday(via Piggly-Wiggly).To coordinate arrivals ,eventual hotels and most importantly tee-times,please advise your intended plans.......it is only to get an idea of who will be around.Bamse is arriving late Saturday 20th,Steinar will be in the area(already 3 weeks in advance????)as from 19th,I believe Bjorn is planning to get in earlier and I intend to be there Fridaypm or Saturday am.Harald will not arrive until Sunday.
Pls consider before finalising flights so we can coordinate our activities.

  • Scandinavian Masters

Indication of dates are either first week end in June (5. – 6.) or last week end (29. – 30.) To be decided at Musdalseter.

  • Club Championship 2010

The dates to be decided at Musdalseter. However the Chairman has informed as follows:

I realise it is early ,and most of us don't even have a 2010 diary,but I will be in St Andrews at Christmas and want to get tee-times booked(and maybe Steinar or I can arrange Greyfriars at sametime).Due to the Open being held at St A next year it will be a busier season.
The R and A have agreed to hold their 150th Open in mid July,to allow the other clubs some flexibility in their plans(will check with Tom on Autumn Prizes,which will probably be in June).
On the basis that the hunting season in Norway will commence weekend of 10/11th Sept(pls confirm)I suggest we hold our event at St Andrews the weekend before(4th-5th Sept).Consequently I have arranged that EGGS,for those participating will be held on Thursday repeat Thursday 2nd Sept,enabling us to get up to Scotland latest Friday 3rd am.Dependind on all our arrivals I suggest the Club Championship is held as usual over 2 rounds (Saturday and Sunday 5th)We can of course play on Friday and the following Monday 6th as usual.
This also makes it easier for the Chief of Police to plan his reinforcements and for St Andrews G.C. to welcome its newest Overseas Member.The DoughtieRitz-Carlton has also agreed to give us an option for that weekend.

  • Any other Business:

The Chairman advised that he had worked hard to obtain refunds of greenfees paid for Messrs Loefller and Guzowski, but without success.

Pize givings to Mr. Lindstoel (Herman Bowmeister) and Mr. Doughtie (Club Champion)
Meeting closed 10:40 Hrs and hard celebrations continued.