DOGGS General Meeting
Forsbacka 8. June 2012

Presented by Mr. Markussen

Present: Mr. Doughtie
Mr. Thomassen
Mr. Solheim
Mr. Sommerfelt
Mr. Bull
Mr. Valeur
Mr. Lindstoel
Mr. Markussen

Apologies from Mr. Guzowski, Mr. Loeffler and KB.

  • Minutes from last meeting in Musdalseter were approved.
  • The Scandinavian Masters Competition was played at Bogstad in Oslo and Forsbacka in Sweden. BKM was the winner. Thanks to SCS and BVV for nice arrangement of a very successful event.
  • The Autumn Prizes will be played end of June in St. Andrews. HL, GFD and OS will play.

  • Club Championship

The competition will be played Friday (Jubilee 10.58 and 11.08) and Saturday (Old Course Crail).
All will arrive on Thursday and play will be arranged both on Thursday, Sunday and Monday for those who are present and can make it. GFD, HL, ST and BKM will play on Sunday and Monday.
Mr. Thomassen will have a car as will Mrs Sommefelt and Mr. Solheim. Accommodation and Tee-times are booked. Mr. Guzowski has not confirmed attendance and nothing has been booked for him.

  • Mr. Solheim has registered to play in The World Championship for left hand players in Scotland.

  • Rotterdam Open will possibly be played if it can be played in combination with the Anthony Veder party in September or on any other time that DOGGS Members are gathering in Rotterdam.

  • Christmas Dinner will be arranged Christmas dinner in Det norske Selskap for the DOGGS on 12. December at 19:00 hrs.
  • Musdalseter 2013

Dates for Musdalseter 2013 are 14. – 17. February .

  • AOB
SCS: We should endeavour to play more scrambles – lot’s of fun.
BVV: We should be clear on who is arranging Scandinavian Masters
JRB: We will invite Hank Quincannon again to Musdalseter.
It was agreed to seek to arrange Scandinavian Masters 2013 in the 30. May – 10. June period and OS should propose venue for decision on Musdalseter.