DOGGS General Meeting
St. Andrews 4th September 2010


Presented by Mr. Thomassen

Present:               Mr. Doughtie – Chairman
                              Mr. Solheim
Mr. Thomassen
Mr. Sommerfelt
Mr. Loefller
                              Mr. Bull
                              Mr. Valeur
Mr. Lindstoel
                              Mr. Markussen

Apologies from Mr. Guzowski and KB

Minutes from last meeting at Elisefarm were approved.                
The Chairman opened the meeting at 21:20 hrs and gave a special welcome to Mr. Valeur to the home of golf. He observed that quality in DOGGS golfing is becoming more important in view of fewer round now being played compared to previous years.
The Charirman will contact Mr. Guzowskio to investigate if a DOGGS gathering in October 2010 is on the cards.

Program for 2011.
Dates for Musdalseter Invitational in February will be advised by Mr. Bull.

Season Opener is scheduled for  23rd-27th March 2011 (range)
Venue and format to be proposed by Mr. Lindstoel and discussed and decided at Musdalseter.
It was decided to re-invite Mr. Wittet and Mr. Schmidt for the Season Opener along with Mr. Sugahara.

The Club Championship  is  scheduled for 2nd-5th June in St. Andrews.
This is to celebrate the 20
th Anniversary of DOGGS and the Championship play will be over 3 days (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)Regarding invitation of wives, this issue will be discussed and decided at Musdalseter.

Scandinavian Masters is scheduled to be played 2nd – 4th September.
This comes as a result of the changed dates for the Club Championship. The venues and formats to be decided at Musdalseter.
A warm thanks to the Chairman for the excellent arrangements in St. Andrews.
Close of meeting at 22:30 hrs