Minutes of DOGGS General Meeting
Krokstad Herregård 12.06.07

Presented by Mr. Markussen

Present: Mr. Doughtie
Mr. Bull
Mr. Lindstoel
Mr. Thomassen
Mr. Solheim
Mr. Sommerfelt
Mr. Guzowski
Mr. Valeur
Mr. Markussen

Apologies: Mr Loeffler

Opening of meeting by the Chairman and a special welcome to Mr. Valeur as new Member of DOGGS.

Minutes of last meeting – approved with few comments.

Any other Business:

Mr. Bull strongly advocated an expansion of the DOGGS program and introduces Lübeck Open.
Mr. Bull was given the mandate to study further and provide proposal for further consideration by the Members.

Mr Sommerfelt informed of his sons wedding this summer.

Mr. Valeur will again become a grandfather and the first grandson is expected.

A final wrap-up of the Season Opener financials took place under strong leadership of Mr. Thomassen. Thank you for putting things in order.

The Scandinavian Masters was a great success. Thanks to Mr. Valeur for splendid arrangement and to Mrs and Mr Solheim for a superb dinner and evening in Oslo.

The Chairman will make arrangements for the Club Championship week-end in St. Andrews.
There will be limited participation in this year’s EGGS from the DOGGS Members. Only Mr. Lindstoel and Mr. Doughtie will play in defence of last year’s successful winning.
Gas vs Chemicals is unlikely to take place this year.

For EPCA, no play for GACC is to be scheduled. The battle for this splendid trophy shall take place during another competition among the DOGGS. It was agreed that the GACC trophy should be played for at a pre-determined occasion each year.
Mr. Guzowski will decide if this can be done in Bordeaux.

It was agreed that that better arrangements should be made for settling the financial obligations. One suggestion was to arrange a “kitty” in advance to cover the common expenses.
Mr. Guzowski laid out the scheme and details for a week-end in Bordeaux and Caronne Ste Gemme. The idea received enthusiastic support from the Members and he was urged to proceed with the arrangements.

Mr. Valeur requested that the Club Championship should be played one week earlier next year to avoid conflict with the opening of the grouse hunting season (starting 10. Septemeber)

Meeting closed at about 20:00 hrs and serious drinking was commenced.