DOGGS General Meeting
Musdalseter 5
th February 2010

Presented by Mr. Markussen

Present: Mr. Doughtie – Chairman
Mr. Solheim
Mr. Thomassen
Mr. Sommerfelt
Mr. Bull
Mr. Valeur
Mr. Lindstoel
Mr. Markussen

Apologies from Mr. Guzowski and Mr. Loeffler and KB

Minutes from last meeting were approved.

The Chairman opened the meeting at 21:00 hrs and gave a warm thanks to Mr. Bull for the superb hospitality.
The Chairman expressed serious objections to the General Meeting held at Theatercafeen in Oslo in December, however, the minutes from said meeting were approved.
The Review of 2009 have been completed and are in the mail to the Members. The highlights are:
172 rounds were played in 8 countries on 27 different courses. The best average score was achieved at Course du Medoc.
Golfer of the Year is Mr. Lindstoel (also won a Medal at St. Andrews Golf Club), and the Trophy was presented by Mr. Sommerfelt.
A warm thanks to Mr. Solheim for the well arranged tournaments in 2009.
The DOGGS web site is a novelty for 2009 and is working very well. Thanks to Mr. Valeur.

Program for 2010.
Season Opener in South Carolina 21st-26
th March
Please refer to the web-site for information details regarding arrival and departures, Hotels and Villas, courses and starting times etc.

Scandinavian Masters 27
th-30th May.
The preference is to stay and play in South-Sweden.
For Members driving back to Oslo play should be arranged on Sunday en route to Oslo.
Mr. Sommerfelt should investigate and may be able to arrange play at the Oslo Golf Club on Monday 31
st May.
Booking of hotels and courses will be arranged by Mr. Valeur.

St. Andrews
St. Andrews Spring Prices will be played 31st July. Mr. Lindstoel and Mr Doughtie will play.
Autumn Prices will be played 22
nd August (Sunday on Old Course).

EGGS will be played on Thursday 2
nd September on Effingham. UNIGAS may have a team and Mr. Doughtie and Mr. Lindstoel may be playing.

Club Championship St. Andrews.
The Club Championship will be played at St. Andrews on Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th September. Mr. Bull, Valeur, Thomassen and Markussen are scheduled for arrival in St. Andrews on Thursday 2nd: Mr. Lindstoel, Doughtie, Sommerfelt are arriving on Friday morning 3rd September. Mr. Solheim and Loeffler should advise their arrival times. The Jubilee Course will be played on Friday and Scots Craig on Saturday. Courses for play on Sunday and Monday will be decided on arrival. The Sunday and Monday are not part of Club Championship and only additional rounds for those staying longer.

Medoc Open
The 2009 Medoc Open was a great success and if possible a similar arrangement should be repeated.
Mr. Guzowski is kindly requested to advise feasibility for a repeat success and potential format.

20 th Anniversary in 2011.

Various opinions were voiced on where and when this event should take place and in what format. This could involve incorporating Scan Masters in St Andrews in June or holding Club Championship at that time and Scan Master later.
Further thought is required for discussion during Season Opener.

Mr. Bull again motioned that a DOGGS event shall be arranged in Lübeck due to extraordinary enjoyable facilities being available. Lübecker marzipan and chocolate was sampled to give support to his proposal. The proposal was again not approved, but a slowly growing positive sentiment can be registered.
Draw for the Match Play for the Season Opener:
st ROUND: OS play CL, RW = buy, ST play GFD, BKM= buy, JRB=buy, TS play BS, BVV play HL
The Match Secretary will arrange practical timing for the matches.

Scandinavian Masters for 2011.
Easter is very late in 2011 and this is resulting in few opportunities for the play in 1st Half of June.
Possible dates for Scandinavian Masters are therefore in end of May as follows:
th – 23rd May or 26th – 30th May.
Please advise your preference.
Close of meeting at 22:00 hrs

Further discussions took place the following day and all members, please note that the Club Championship in St. Andrews in 2011 will be 1st weekend Sept and members are requested to keep these dates available.