DOGGS General Meeting
Musdalseter 15.02.2013

Present: Messrs. Solheim, Lindstoel, Doughtie, Bull, Valeur, Markussen and Sommerfelt
Apologies from Messrs. Guzowski, Thomassen, Loefler and Belmer

  • Mr. Markussen officially resigned as permanent secretary and Mr. Sommerfelt accepted to follow up as his successor.
  • Minutes from previous meeting in St. Andrews were approved.
  • Season opener 2013
Will take place from Wednesday 13th March to Saturday 16th March, both inclusive. All participants are instructed to mail Mr.Lindstoel their definite arrival and departure times so he can arrange logistics accordingly. He will also arrange tee-offs for the early arrivals on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
Participants: John, ST, OSO, HL, GFD, JRB, BKM, SCS, Chris
Loeff , 5-for-three and Mcccusen at John’s place
Ola / GFD and SCS at Harald’s place
JRB at DoubleDay (about usd125/night) – the rest (excluding John) chips in on the cost of the motel.
HL will revert on names of courses, but tee-off’s will be after 10.30 each day
Green-fees abt usd125,00/day
Due to long carry on several holes Chris, JRB and SCS have the option to play from front tees
No rental cars required
No uniform - play and rest in shorts, except long pants required for the prize-giving at La Playa on Saturday
Address for visa purposes: 580 El Camino Real, Naples, Florida 34119
HL’s cell phone: +1 1732 500 2704
No payment or gift to John
Departure from John and HL’s flats by noon Sunday

  • 4.Scandinavian Master’s programme:
Thursday 30/5 – 10 o’clock ferry from Snaroya to Oustoen (BVV will revert with direction to the ferry) . After the match we have dinner there (jacket/blazer encouraged) and stay over at Oustoen Country Club
Friday 31/5 we play at Vestfold Golf Klubb (tee-off – reverting)
Saturday 1/6 we play Noetteroe
Sunday 2/6 golf is optional – most likely at Tjoeme Golfklubb
We will all be billeted at JRB and BVV holiday homes,
Prize-giving dinner Saturday at BVV
No uniform – except please see the note about Oustoen above.

  • Spring Prizes at St. Andrew’s 22nd June
GFD may participate (depending on other DOGGS’ enthusiasm, or not), perhaps OSO – how about JRB and ST?
  • Autumn Prizes at St. Andrew’s 27th July
GFD, OSO and HL will play – if any one else wishes to go please advise GFD as soon as possible.

  • Club Championship 2013 will be played at St. Andrew’s as per several recent mails. All players are requested to re-confirm their arrival and departure dates to GFD. Tee off’s have been reserved as follows:
5/9 Eden at 13.38 onwards
6/9 Jubilee at 11.28
7/9 Scotscraig at 7/9

  • EGGS will be played 11th and 12th September – it was discussed whether to enter a DOGGS team, but nothing was decided as far as the secretary can remember.
  • Christmas dinner in Oslo will be 12th December 2013
  • Musdalseter week-end 2014 will be 13th to 16th February
  • AOB
HL said that it is not definite that the venue for Season Opener will remain in Florida forever, a comment that was not quite understandable to the other members.
GFD suggested that the club trousers could be the tartan of any clan, this suggestion was obviously turned down and it was strong support to register in the bye-laws that the Campbell tartan is the Society’s official colours, until some wise guy suggested we should design our own tartan. We are looking forward to see the continuation of this subject.
  • Golfer of the Year
This prestigious trophy was won by Mr. Llindstoel who seemed very pleased to have it presented by the sponsor. Himself.

The meeting started at 20.56 and was adjourned at 22.10 – local time.