Twelve months after the 2013 gathering(14/9/2014) the Scottish people will have to decide on whether or not to remain a part of the UK or to go it alone,Independently.Much has been written and discussed and will continue to be, on the pros and cons of going it alone, as a small country.Norway has been used as an example of how  it can be done.........let us see if our Chairman will need a visa for next years event.
However,whether Scotland can survive may depend on ,whether  modern day Vikings continue to plunder the Scottish medical services,as was witnessed this weekend........or were they just taking the piss...or lack of it....
The 2013 Club Championship was contested without the presence of 3 members.Chris and Gene continue to make recoveries(we hope) and Bamse was added to the sick-list when over -enthusiastic preparations on the driving range ruined his hopes and back.We trust he is better and will in future stick to the more conventional Missionary position....
Hotels ,restaurants,courses etc had all been arranged,changed,reconfirmed,changed again and cancelled when the early-birds arrived on Wednesday 4th September to join Harald ,who had been acclimatising since Monday.Bjorn,Harald,Steinar and George got the ball rolling on the Jubilee in excellent summer conditions prompting the use of shorts(yes shorts in St Andrews....skandale).In conditions calm enough to hold a candle in the wind ,Steinar got of to a great start ,picking up valuable Golfer of the Year Award points.With so few matches having been played up to this occassion any positive contribution was going to make an impression on the points table.
Jubilee 4/9
Steinar   34
George   31
Bjorn      26
Harald    24.
Perhaps Harald's early arrival and nightly visits to the Dunny had not helped his efforts.
The remaing competitors gradually arrived and were all present at the 1st tee on the Eden course for the commencement of the event on 5th September.This was the 1st time that this 1914 built,Harry Colt layout had been used in a DOGGS Major match.It has been redesigned in recent years and now stretches 6250 yards(Par 70)with some challenging new holes(13-16) introduced by Donald Steel.Colt has also been responsible for other DOGGS venues such as,West Byfleet,Effingham,Hankley Common and De Haagsche and many other courses were some of our members have played.However none are as famous as Knokke where the Belgacom Open was held many years ago when Niclas Fasth,picked up one of his biggest ever cheques,thanks to one of his partners in the Pro-Am.
Ola had just flown in from The Kingdom and was looking forward to a plate of haggis following meals ,consisting of various parts of a camel's anatomy.It didn't seem to concern his play as he opened strongly.
Steinar showed that the previous days play was no flash in the pan ,with a formidable 37 pts ,leaving the "local "member trailing 6 behind and the rest of the pack further adrift.An enjoyable evening at Little Italy in amongst some very rowdy R and A riff raff,who were having to make do with the Old Course,because of our matches,was closed ,with too much limoncello ,grappa and other deadly beverages.All of which were consumed by Jan Randulf is his stride.
The temperature had dropped considerably when Round 2(and Final Bouwmeester round) commenced.Bjorn and Harald (32) shared the spoils and our New York member attributed his achievement  to a first-ever succesful journey through his Amen Corner.As Namdal residents were preparing for a Major party the following week,Steinar((17) had a bit of a collapse.This brought the scores closer together and set the scene for an exciting finale.
With his qualifying score of 35 at Lely during the Season Opener,George's 99 pts was sufficient to pip Bjorn(98) into second spot for the coveted Herman Bouwmeester Memorial Trophy on the 20 th Anniversary of Herman's tragic passing away.......
Scotscraig,now the 10th oldest golf club in the world(I seem to remember it was 13th when we last played there.......)was to host the final round of the Championship.The course,which hosted the Ladies Internationals,2 weeks later was in prime condition as was the weather.
In glorious Indian summer sunshine we set off on with our Leaderball taking up thr rear.George increased his narrow lead during the front 9 with some steady play and looked home and dry when matching Bjorn and Harald's bogeys on the 10th ,11th and 12th,as Soren,who was now urinating all over the Scottish countryside had problems to keep up(literally).But Harald had other plans as Bjorn faltered and a couple of pars brought him within range.The Chairman's birdie at 16 was critical as he messed up the last 2 holes.However after all the counting was completed and checked ,he emerged with a 1 shot advantage over Harald.(The score sheets with the score breakdowns are attached ) to complete a very nice treble,since the Bob Charles award was also claimed by our Scottish member.
Nobody is perfect.....but being Scottish helps.....
The Red Arrows,air display team did a flyover to honour our Champion before closing the Air Show at nearby Leuchars.The Ministry of Defence and RAF have finally taken note of our annual complaints and have shut down the airbase and announced this would be the last ever Leuchars Air Show.However a local (female) police officer had the last laugh, sending us on a 45 minute ghost ride,detour back to St Andrews.
The traditional dinner and prize giving in the Locker Room was interupted by our AGM,which was much quieter and more peaceful than previous editions.......thanks to the sobriety of our Minutes Secretary.Helen was on holiday however the equally keepable Christine(not Mrs D) presented a fine fare of food and wines.
.......and so the curtain came down on another great Club Championship weekend,as Arthur Andersen presented the financial report and arranged for the transfer of a few pounds here and there.........however some of our pack had not yet had enough of Highland Hospitality......and the Dunvegan,as always was on hand to quench our never-ending thirsts....
We were able to squeeze 2 flights away from the R and A on the New Course and enjoy another fine day.Just as well that the weather was good,since 3 Japs and an old American in front of us kept us out on the links for 4 1/2 hours.
Our chairman was still in top form...
New 8/9
George   32
Harald     31
Bjorn      27
Steinar   25
Jan R     16
A mixed menu of Thai and Japanese delicaties,served by 2 very keepable Oriental girls kept the spirits high as we enjoyed Haralds hospitality....thanks!!!!!
Overnight rain made the early start for the final blows round the Eden questionable,but once we were showered,shaved and cleaned out(perhaps in a different order) there was no holding us back.
The local club members in front of us had to pick up their pace as we raced round in slightly over 3 hours,giving us plenty time to lunch,shower again and get off to Aberdeen Airport(via Tescos supermarket for tonic breasts and chicken water or is it the other way round.......????)while Harald and George slipped over the Forth Road Bridge while mv Moritz Schulte was preparing to set sail from Braefoot with another cargo of high-paying ethylene........
Eden 9/9
Harald 36
George 36
Steinar 33
Bjorn    27.
Another wonderful few days of each others company...