As we were dug out of the snow at Ingrid Bu on Sunday morning(albeit very early thanks to our Chairman.....he promises it will not be repeated next year) at 08.00hrs,with the help of a snow plough,with 2 meters of snow all around us,it was difficult to imagine that temperaturs in other parts of Europe were 10 deg C higher and that heavy rain and winds were lashing the UK coast.
However we got out and were able to recall another excellent weekend of JR's particular brand of hospitality.
This year the Olympics in sundrenched Sochi dominated the weekend,with Norways early failures at cross country events being analyised by all our wax experts(later successes must have compensated a bit).On the rinks the Dutch skating team were sweeping up all medals,while the US hockey team provided a great victory over the host nation.
Our Chairman's request to switch over to the ladies curling ,fell on deaf ears....not his own....
However the weekend will be remembered for the record amount of snow and ,as  usual,the excellent and delicious array of food and fine wines.......even the potatoes were peeled on time.
Only Soren ventured outside on skis ,although blizzard conditions,which covered his own tracks forced him to return.It did not stop Steinar and George doing their normal 15 km walk,while Harald tried to sneakily find TV1000.
Mr Valeur and Ting-a-Ling had arrived early to avoid the potato(Norwegian tropical fruit) famine of last year,sample the wines and prepare the delicate sauces to accompany the feast of Orrfugl (Black Grouse......not Red Label), rancid salmon and mountain trout.Since our intitial visit in 1978 the kitchen has improved tremendously and this year sashimi and chopsticks were added to the menu.
The DOGGS meeting passed without incident and was minuted accordingly.Those present spent much time discussing the coming season's proposals activities and the return of some of the Societies' missing trophies.....
Once again many thanks to Jan Randulf and his assistants for a wonderful weekend.