Minutes from AGM in St. Andrews 5th September 2014

Present: GFD, HL, OS, ST, BVV, BKM, SCS.
Apologies from: JRB, JPG

Started 20.00 hours – Scottish time.

As «our» Locker Room was unavailable for the Saturday, the AGM had been moved to Friday evening, and the prize giving would be held at Casa Doughtie the next day.

Summing up the season the Chairman again, and rightly so,  complained about the lack of DOGGS matches played by the Norwegian members during the season (so far..).

Christmas dinner:
Will take place at Norske Selskab in Oslo 10th December, followed by a lunch 11th

In case Ingridbu is still be in the hands of JRB, this event will go from Thursday 12th to Sunday 16th Feb.
If a sale has been concluded, alternative venues, including Tjomoe and Spain, was discussed without any conclusion.

Season Opener
Subject to John McGrainer´s agreement (formality)will be played from Wednesday 11th to Saturday 14th, both days included. This means arrival Florida latest Tuesday 10th.
Accomodation for 3  at Harald and 2-3 at John´s place.
Those who will not be present shall advise Harald as soon as they know.

Scandinavian Masters
Will take place end May/early June,  most likely starting Thurday 4th June
Official play will be Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
The general mood was for Forsbacka, with a possible «warm-up» at Oustøen on Wednesday including over-night stay till Thursday.
BVV in charge of arrangements.

Spring or autumn Prizes at St. Andrews – we are awaiting dates from Our Club.

Club Championship
Will take place first week of September, i.e. Thursday, Friday and Saturday (3-4-5/9 )) as official rounds.
George will make bookings in the early days of January 2015.
Alternative venues in the East Lothian area was discussed, GFD will check into this and may revert with his recommendations/comments well in advance. 

Any other business

Slope system / alternate tee boxes.
Quote from minutes from 16/2-14:
"It was decided that a player shall have the option to choose a forward tee-boix. Unless the difference between tee-boxes can be adjusted from a slope table, any competitor playing from a tee-box in front of the others lose three strokes.
The rule to be in force on all courses from now.
After some free and frank discussions it was agreed that for instance a slope table available in the starter´s box in Scotland, reflecting adjustments according to U.S ruls/guidance,  is an acceptable slope table for our association.
It was also deiced that, in case of no slope tables (at all) being available, the three-stroke rule mentioned above remains and is extended to a player wishing to play from a tee further BACK from the others  shall receive additional three strokes.
It was also pointed out and  agreed that a player cannot play from a tee box more than one «step» back or forward from the majority.

Dress code
Hl suggested, and got approval, for dropping full mountie except for anniversaries and «special occasions". However, walking down to the Prize Giving dinner he realized how elegant we were, and withdrew the suggestion The withdrawal was accepted and considered nill and void, ie the old rule about «uniform» remains unaltered.

The AGM was closed at 22.00

The Secretary

The Secretary's ownComments:

In order to minimize occasions when players have to use the phone at the course in job connection, 
wouldn´t it be an idea to move the official days of play, at least for the Scand Maters and Club Championship, one day, i.e. To Friday/Saturday and Sunday?
This would however mean departure for home after prize giving Sunday, so may therefore be more suitable for Scand Masters.
I suggest we discuss this when we meet in December.

Comments from HL:
Thanks Seve, good minutes which in my opinion reflects what was discussed. One comment however, in your comments you mention that
if we push  the competition to include Sunday as a  replacement for Thursday, that would mean we all depart after prize giving that day. My
recollection is that Sunday would only be considered if we all stay till Monday and have the prize giving dinner Sunday. I believe we were
trying to avoid what happen at Miklagard some years back when the winner of the Scan Master got the trophee thrown in his face in the
parking lot and the member scattered like rats - Harald