Christmas Dinner and Christmas Lunch

Oslo, 10th and 11th December 2014

Our Christmas Dinner yesterday at Norske Selskab was again a success.

We started out at Jan Randulf's at 18:00 hrs, all clean  and sober, dressed up in smart dark suites with tie and polished shoes.  We did not miss anything as far as drinks are concerned.  The writer thought JR was a bit low on the Red Label, however, the leftover from last year was sufficient.

After an hour or so we left the apartment, which by the way had been through a make over and looked very fresh and nice.  Congrats JR!  Believe it or not but we all got on the tram which runs just outside JR?s building and got ourselves down town for the price of nok 15,- each.

At Norske Selskab we had a few ones before getting to the table which was in the inner corner of the dining room like we had last year.  We selected the same dinner i.e. ptarmigan as the main dish with a wonderful soup to start with.  For dessert some had Napoleons Kake and some had Multekrem.  A nice Chablis with the soup and a wonderful Burgundy with the bird.  As a member of the Club's wineclub the writer got nok 100,- off each bottle costing over nok 500,- so we got ourselves an extra bottle at the end of the meal. (George, no Red Label in the Club).

Coffee and Calva, Armagnac and Cognac and in the end some longdrinks were all served in one of the elegant rooms of the Club.  We were "thrown" out about 23:00 which means that we were in bed by midnight.

All woofers behaved in a civilized way; very little loud swearing, no dirty jokes, no chasing women (There were no women there), and no obvious intoxication.  Those who were not present may think we were all bored but actually we had a very nice time.

Lunch at Theatercafeen the net day.

Lunch was super, food was great and so was the company.  JR and the writer wonder if we should find another place for lunch next year.  The place was packed and the sound level so high that you could almost not hear your own thoughts !  Of course Søren and the rest of us had talked a lot the night before but it would have been nice to be able a keep a conversation going.