Minutes from AGM at INGRIDBU 14thFeb 2015

All members except JPG, KB and CL were present

The Chairman opened the meeting at 15.55, and apart from welcoming everyone to the meeting he thanked BVV for the re-opening of the official DOGGS site.

As usual he also pointed out the fact that ever fewer DOGGS rounds are played outside the major events, especially in between the members living in Oslo..

Will be played in Florida with official rounds from Wednesday 11th March to Saturday 14th March, both days included.
Accomodation at John McGrainer and Harald´s flats, although Ola will probably stay in a hotel.
All participants to make sure Harald receives all arrival and departure details enabling him to arrange logistics.
DOGGS will be joined by two or three members on Beacon Hill.
Harald will revert with details of courses to be played and tee-off times, also for ”un-official” rounds played before and after.
Remember to bring proper golfing attire for La Playa (no short socks or cargo pants!)

Draw for Matchplay at Naples:
Qualifying round with JRB plays GFD
The winner meets Alex de Santi in Round 1
The rest of Round 1 is
Ron Newell v BKM
John McGraner v OS

Accomodation is arranged at Forsbacka for arrival Wednesday 3rd June, with official rounds 4th, 5th and 6th June. Thursday and Saturday will be played at Forsbacka, whilst BVV is checking acceptable venues in the vicinity for an alternative course on Friday.
BVV to advise final venues and tee-off times when available.
The Bacchus Trophy will be played for at Scandinavian Masters from now on.

Departure Forsbacka Sunday and most likely a round will be arranged en route. Ola will come with suggestions, Kongsvinger was mentioned as one alternative.

ST, HL and GFD will hit the shores of Sweden on the ferry on Tuesday 2nd June pm, will stay the night in the Stroemstad area and arrange a round on Wednesday They are encouraging other members to join up.

Logistics – we will not need 5 cars for 8 players, so those based around Oslo should contact each others for possible sharing.

AUTUMN PRIZES St Andrew´s 25th July
Anybody who wants to play please contact the Chairman as soon as possible.

CLUB CHAMIONSHIP 2015 at St. Andrew´s
Official rounds 3rd to 5th September; venues:
Thursday Jubilee, Friday New Course St. A., Saturday New course at Crail.
Tee-times have been arranged for about 1100 o´clock all days so players should preferably arrive latest Wednesday. Ola did however ask if tee-time Thursday could be delayed till one or two pm enabling him to arrive from England that morning. George will check if this is possible and revert.
One golf car is arranged all three days.

There will probably be a game played between Edinburgh and St. Andrews on Wednesday, so likely participants from Norway should strive to fly into Edinnburgh rather than Aberdeen . Those wishing to play Sunday onwards should liaise with GFD.

Accomodation is all arrannged – as per usual by the chief of logistcs.

Remember full mountie!

Will take place at Norske Selskab Thursday 10th December

Will take place as usual at Musdalseter 11/14th February, subject to being unsold. If no longer available, this venue will take place at Tjøme.

In 2016 it will be 25 years ago that the Society was established!
It was decided that this will be marked by a special meeting in St. Andrew´s, and a committee of 2, max 3 members will be formed, headed by the Chairman.
The majority of those present decided this will be in addition to the Club Championship, for instance April or May in 2016.
The Chairman will investigate if there is a chance to get onto the Old Course.

With refernce to the ruling agreed in the AGM at St Andrews 5
th September 2014, Harald took the initiative to amend this with the main object of assisting the higher handicappers amongst us.
After a longish discussion the Secretary (who had only drunk water at the time) sat down and endeavoured to put down what was agreed.
His resulting wording was then again discussed prior to dinner, and although many intelligent (?) comments were made, it was agreed that we “basically” understand what it means, so with the lack of anything better, here it is:

Alternate tee boxes
A player shall have the option to play from a tee-box forward from a tee-box played by the majority of the other players.
Unless the difference in strokes received can be adjusted by an available slope table (including a slope table reflecting adjustments according to U.S. Rules and guidance even when playing outside U.S.), a competitor playing from a forward tee-box loses three strokes.
Players with a HC of 24 or more do, however, not lose strokes, even if an available slope table says otherwise.
A player choosing to play from a tee-box behind the others shall receive three extra strokes, unless an available slope table says otherwise.
Match play
This rule does not apply to match play.  If the highest handicapper of any two players chooses a forward tee-box, both players shall play from there, and receive strokes according to a slope table if available.

A player must use the same tee-box during any round, both for Stableford and Match play.

Meeting adjourned at 17.05

The Secretary