Scandinavian Masters 2010

Geographical location of events
Thu 27/5:   Playing Flommens 12.00 & 12.07 .  Thereafter check-in and dinner at Elisefarm
Fri 28/5:     Playing Elisefarm after breakfast, 9.40 & 9.50. Lunch and Dinner at Elisefarm.
Sat 29/5:    Playing Bokskogen 10.10 & 10.30, Old Course. Breakfast/Dinner at Elisefarm.
Sun 30/5:   Playing Elisefarm after breakfast and checkout, 8.40 (4 ball) , thereafter departure.


Jan Randulf


We all gathered on PEARL OF SCANDINAVIA in the afternoon of Wednesday and had a very enjoyable trip southwards.  Weather was nice and the sea was calm so a few sidesteps could not be blamed on the weather conditions.  Our cabins were rather lousy (blame it on the organizer) but they were cheap and we spent the savings on good food and wine.  JR got an upgrade to a suite where we all met for drinks.

Thursday morning everybody was in good shape and we arrived at Flommens GK around 11.00.  They were not too busy so we teed off at 11.30 and 11.37.  Fortunately we had no wind which would have made the course even more difficult.  The weather was overcast and very cold.  The course was in a «so-and-so» shape, completely flat but nice and fast greens.  Water was the biggest problem.  Only the 18th did not have any water at all.  I don’t think we will come back there but anyhow it was a good experience.

After a bite we took off to Elisefarm GC which was an hours drive.  Elisefarm turned out to be a nice place, an old farm with several nice buildings and surrounded by the golf course on three sides.  After settling in we met in the biggest room (which actually was a suite) for drinks and then went to dinner around 19.30.  Emma greeted us and took well care of us and we had a very nice dinner with plenty of wine.

The next morning was overcast and quite cold.  The course was beautiful and in very good condition, long and quite difficult.  Plenty of sand traps everywhere, especially were the ball landed. Because of a tournament we had to start at the 10th and before we reached no. 1 it started to rain.  We got in after some 4 h 15 mins cold and wet.  In the evening we had another great dinner and Emma treated us very well.  Excellent food and sufficient amount of wine.

Saturday we were supposed to play at Bokskogen, however, since the weather was much nicer we all wished to see Elisefarm from the sunny side.  Consequently we cancelled Bokskogen and played Elisefarm again, this time starting at no. 1.  Scores improved, however, one player scored only 2 pts on the first 7 holes. (No name).  We finished just after noon and a few of us took the opportunity of some sightseeing in the area with a trip to Lund which turned out to be a very nice town.   Dinner in the evening was again excellent and the South African wine was flowing as it did the previous evenings.  This time we were nicely treated by Cornelia (?).  We finished up in the suite where we also finished off the rest of the booze.

Everybody agreed that we had had a great time in Sweden.

Results and a few pictures can be seen below.

No. 1 and Scand. Master 2010 Champion:        Harald        85 pts    (29+27+29)
No. 2                                                 Bjørn and Steinar        69 pts     (21+23+25) and (28+18+23)
No. 4                                                                   Ola            54 pts      (21+17+16)
No. 5                                                                   JR             52 pts      (17+17+18)
No. 6                                                                 Bamse        48 pts      (14+16+18).
Flommen GK