Kiawah Island
Results and Snapshots
First Turtle and then Osprey
JRB, 24 and 14
HL, 31 and 35
CL 22 and 25
BM,25 and 19
BS 27 AND 36
ST 28 AND 28
BV 20 and 26

JRB beat BV 4 and 3
HL beat BM 4 and 3
BS beat CL 7 and 6
HL beat JRB 2-0
BS beat ST 4 and 2





You can’t really read it but the bumper sticker reads «Woof» !

The winner of the Matchplay and the Club Championship was our guest and good friend Bryan, with a good margin.

Congratulations, Bryan

Scan 2
Harald thought this picture was of Mahatma Gandhi, however, it was only Loeff who apparently had converted to Hinduism at the occasion of his son’s wedding to an Indian girl.  We think he looked great!

We had a great time in Kiawah, the weather started out so so, but improved later in the week.  The participants played from «rusty» to brilliant and everybody enjoyed themselves.  JR started to feel somewhat unwell and decided to go home on Wednesday.  He had a long and unpleasant trip home via Manchester but finally got there, without luggage though, got an appointment with the doctor and went through a lot of testes which all turned out to be positive.  We were all very happy to hear that he was perfectly OK.  Bryan went to Houston on Thursday.  Presumably all went well since we did not hear anything. This goes for Harald too who flew Continental to Newark.  He found out, however, that Bjørn and Bamse’s flight to Newark at 16.25 was cancelled «for reason of severe weather conditions in NY». Harald’s flight was full so they had to purchase new tickets with Delta.  As it turned out Continental had also cancelled their flight to Oslo, but they were lucky enough to get two seats.  Continental had rebooked them out of Charleston on Monday but could change that into Sunday! Bjørn and Bamse spent about 7 hours at Newark and had a good chance to follow Continental Express activity.  They arrived as normal all day and the weather was nice and calm.  The «weather conditions» was a big bluff.  They will hesitate to fly Continental again. Five for three went to Washington to connect to Copenhagen and then Stavanger.  He safely arrived without luggage.  Flying is wonderful