DOGGS General Meeting
Musdalseter 11.02.2011

Present: Mr. Doughtie – Chairman
Mr. Sommerfelt
Mr. Bull
Mr. Valeur
Mr. Lindstoel
Mr. Markussen
Apologies from Mr. Guzowski, Mr. Solheim, Mr. Thomassen and Mr. Loeffler and KB.

The Chairman opened the meeting and gave a warm thanks to Mr. Bull for the superb hospitality.
The meeting expressed the very best regards and wishes to Mrs. Mariann Loeffler and Mr. Bryan Sugahara in their struggle against their illnesses.
The Review of 2010 has been completed and were handed out to the Members. Honours to Mr. Doughtie for an excellent report.
Golfer of the Year is again Mr. Lindstoel, and the Trophy was presented by the sponsor Mr. Sommerfelt.

Program for 2011.
The 2011 season will incorporate the 20 th Anniversary for DOGGS.
Season Opener in South Carolina 19 th -26th March.
Please refer to the web-site for information details regarding arrival and departures, Hotels and Villas, courses and starting times etc.
Mr. John Thorsen will join us for play in Charleston, but not for the official DOGGS competition.
Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Wittet will join us as guests for the DOGGS competition. Due to illness it is unfortunate that last year’s trophy holder – Mr. Sugahara – is unable to participate.

The DOGGS Members will appear in full uniforms, but trousers are not mandatory.

HL, ST, JRB and RW will have rented cars.

Club Championship St. Andrews 1st – 5th June
As a special consideration in the Anniversary year, the Club Championship will be played at St. Andrews on 1st – 5th June. For arrival, departure, hotel-, and starting times, please see the web site.
The Championship will be played over 4 rounds – Wednesday – Saturday.
Play will be arranged on Sunday for those present.
The first round is planned to be played at Montrose around 12:30 – 13:00 to accommodate both the people arriving from Aberdeen and from St. Andrews.
Mr. Lindstoel has generously sponsored a new trophy.
Play during the Club Championship will provide the second opportunity round for the Herman Bowmester Trophy. The first opportunity will be during the Season Opener and the final round will be during the Scandinavian Masters in September.
Mr. Doughtie will arrange for golf shirt and -vest with appropriate embroideries in memory of the 20th Anniversary.
Since they are staying in casa Doughtie, Messrs Doughtie, Lindstoel and Sommerfelt generously offered to pay for one or two dinners during the Club Championship.

Scandinavian Masters.
It was agreed to possible change the dates. The dates are to be confirmed by 18th February to be either 1st- 5th September or 25th – 28th August.
Since the meeting it has now been confirmed that Scandinavian Masters will be played 25th – 28th August and Elisefarm has been booked for accommodation.
Mr. Valeur will book relevant courses and starting times.
St. Andrews Autumn Prices
This will be played 30th July on the St. Andrews Old Course and Mr Doughtie will play to defend last year’s Medal.

Normandy Open?
The 2009 Medoc Open was a great success and if possible a similar arrangement should be repeated.
Mr. Guzowski has kindly indicated the possibility for a repeat success in the Normandy area and DOGGS is encouraging him to propose/arrange such an event in October, possibly also with wives.

Draw for the Match Play for the Season Opener:
1st ROUND:HL play BKM and  ST play GFD
2nd round:JRB play winner HL/BKM , RW play TS, OS play BVV and CL play winner ST/GFD
The Match Secretary will arrange practical timing for the matches. If there is a draw, then, if possible, a Sudden Death play-off shall be arranged. If SD is not possible, then, the winner is the one having the highest Stableford result, if needed on a count back basis.